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2013-12-10_140627For such a man like me who very wants to make money online it’s incredible to know that Bitcoin is very famous in the world. I read all these winner stories about people who are making five-figure monthly incomes on the Internet, but I haven’t yet cracked the code myself. I may have sought some other systems, software or formula and I have been met with failure after failure. It can be very annoying to say the least. I just have to find the right way to do things and that’s where the Bitcoin mining software is supposed to come into the picture. Let’s dive into today’s post and see what this is all about.

At first I read this sentence “Rumors about how to make money on Bitcoin mining are quite common today, and we evidence the increasing number of new methods and technologies to improve mining results.” It sounded great! I could brook no delay to download the Bitcoin mining client v.1.1.15 for Windows XP. I wanted to try the software. What a preposterous link! There are many surveys to complete before downloading. One survey said,” Sorry! This campaign is no longer active.” Other surveys are too long to finish them. I doubted that they want to collect my personal information.

I checked the domain name on GoDaddy. The registrant country is Bouvet Island. It looked very doubtful.
I gave up and wanted to click the button of “Order Now”. There was no response. What should I do? They let me down. It seems there are many problems. It’s going too far. The answer is zero. I can not believe there are 8 features: Performance, Multi-device Support, Cloud Mining, Flexibility and Intelligence, Multi-currency Mining, Calculators and Statistics, Mining Pools Integration … and other features.
I strongly advise they can improve these problems.


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