Quick and Simple Password Recovery for Microsoft Windows and Office Documents

A few days ago I received a mail that titled “**URGENT REQUEST** Article Removal …” By chance my company’s name has been changed and I forgot the mail password. I used this mail to apply for many accounts. Now I can not use these accounts again.

Another story is that in our company we wrote lots of Microsoft Office documents and someone did not want the others to modify them. He encrypted files so that only the account used to encrypt the files can decrypt them. One day this guy quitted and he did not hand his entire job over. We have no passwords to decrypt these documents. At that time maybe you will say,” What horrible file!”

Based on privacy, security, and safety to protect our information, we are taught we must set more complicated passwords to guard these files. Nobody’s perfect. We frequently forgot these complicated passwords and we tied our own hands. Sometimes I felt regret for it.

The other day I was working away routinely when my computer unexpectedly completely shut off. Having a battery backup, I was a bit confused by how this would happen… So I went to turn the computer back on and restart working when it would not power back on. “Uh oh… not again” I thought to myself.

Just 3 years ago I would have been freaking out in a flap. Amazingly, I was reasonably peaceful this time around. Actually, about 3 years ago, this same thing happened to me and I lost so much work, personal files, mails and a document recorded many passwords… it hurts to talk about. >_<

How can we recover lost MS Office password? You just have to get the right kinds of software from the right kinds of websites. Helping you in that regard is a new Password Cracker tools called PasswordLastic- http://www.passwordlastic.com/. As we undergo today’s review, we’ll look into how this quick and simple tool works and how it will help propel your files to reset the passwords.

What Is PasswordLastic?

PasswordLastic is a young energetically growing company specializing on developing office and home software products, particularly, password recovery solutions. The product line includes tools for quick password recovery in Microsoft Office, Internet and Windows applications. PasswordLastic focuses on building intuitive, user-friendly interfaces around effective core functionality.

There are 6 main tools that ensure you never lose any more passwords… ever again.

1. Office Password Recovery Lastic is a fast and simple password recovery tool for the main Microsoft Office products. The software fully supports MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access files and recovers their passwords without a hitch. Password recovery for the embedded VBA projects is also supported. In addition the tool offers a 100% secure online password cracking service which allows cracking passwords to open MS Word and MS Excel documents almost instantly.

2. Windows Password Recovery Lastic lets you restore access to your system if you lost or forgot your Windows password. Run it on another computer and it creates a bootable USB stick or CD/DVD disk. Boot from it on your computer and the program lists all user accounts it finds, offering you an easy way to remove a password of any of them. Plus it supports saving password hashes for in-depth cracking, and restoring of a previously removed password.

3. Excel Password Recovery Lastic never lets you fall a victim of your own forgetfulness. It quickly recovers or removes Excel passwords of various types and lets you open the document right away. One of the most important features of the program is the support for multiple documents. With it, it doesn’t matter whether you crack one document or hundreds of them – you still need merely two clicks for that!

4. Word Password Recovery Lastic automatically cracks multiple MS Word passwords almost instantly regardless of the complexity of a password. It scans a specified folder for all password-protected documents and recovers or removes all passwords from them with a single click of a button. The program supports all MS Word versions and types of passwords, and features simple and intuitive user interface.

5. VBA Password Recovery Lastic is software developed to solve one of the frequent problems – recovering of lost passwords. It cracks MS Office documents and instantly restores passwords to VBA projects. The program cracks multiple passwords at once and supports Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook VBA projects in full. A bunch of convenient functions like program password or automatic search at startup plus easy-to-use interface crown the picture.

6. Outlook Password Recovery Lastic doesn’t let you down when you lost or forgot your Outlook password. The program automatically locates all password-protected PST files on your disk and immediately hacks them to recover your Outlook passwords literally in several seconds. In addition, it also recovers lost or forgotten passwords to mailbox accounts in Outlook, so you’ll never fear of loosing access to your conversation and personal data anymore.

I want to show you how to install VBA Password Recovery Lastic because I develop many excel VBA and set passwords. VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is an easy and very great way to add functionality to our documents. Dialogs, messages, conditional processing of document’s content – all of this is possible with VBA. I very want to know whether they can crack my passwords.

The installation of the software only took a few seconds. I do not want to give unnecessary details so show the pictures as below.


How to recover lost VBA password

The program allows you to crack multiple passwords as easy as just one: the special search function quickly finds all Office documents on your disk that contain a password-protected VBA project, and you can recover all passwords in these docs with a click of a button. So, if you need a user-friendly and efficient recovery tool that will instantly show the password used in any protected VBA project, all you need is VBA Password Recovery Lastic. You should act if you need to recover an Excel VBA project password. Use the Open button to recover a password from one file only or the Search button if you want to carry out a search for all Excel documents on your computer with password-protected VBA projects.

It’s too good to be true! I show you the program screenshot.

I like these programs because the prices are reasonable and they are really good. Let’s not waste our time to purchase them. So those are the main 6 tools to ensure I never lost my passwords. What do you want to use?



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