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The money is in the list. We all understand that. We also realize that it takes money to maintain and deal with a list. In the jargon is the conversion rate optimization. A few days ago an undergraduate student who studies applied foreign languages guessed that I was so good at English because we accommodated many foreign tourists to stay with us. I talked to him that’s just my free method to learn English. Because of this I helped a learning English website to improve conversion rate. I found it’s too difficult to attract the target market. Who can help us to solve this problem? That is the case with InboundID.

Inbound Marketing Indonesia was founded in 2009. They are based in Jakarta, Indonesia. They have been working on a wide variety of client projects. InboundID is a pioneer in providing inbound marketing services for businesses in Indonesia. They have the technologies and qualified resources to help my company maximize the ROI of marketing efforts. I also found they are a Google AdWords certified partner although I can not get more information. I think you can no t pass up going to visit it; it was a chance in a million.

Maybe you don’t grasp the meaning of conversion rate optimization. Here are resources on Conversion Rate Optimization:


I checked up the conversion rate optimization service which InboundID provides. They said they can:

– Increase overall conversion rates

– Reduce shopping cart abandonment rate

– Re-target visitors who have visited your site

– Access the power of analytics to streamline your conversions

– Enhance profits and ROI

The only question I have about InboundID is that I did not see any testimony on the site. Being a good service, I don’t have any hard number to show if they are as good as the competition. But their blog does have over a decade of experience, and InboundID employs industry experts in the field of marketing to maximize the ROI of your company.

I plan to add InboundID as a second conversion rate optimization solution, in addition to use my own ways. InboundID ‘s conversion rate optimization of features and pricing makes them a compelling solution for any marketer to check out. I think things will be getting better.




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