今天在酷!學園看到這樣一個問題:cscope 使用問題 ,很好奇cscope是什麼東西,後來Google之後才知道這個原來是用vim來trace source code的,它擁有的功能如下:

1.Allows searching code for:

  • all references to a symbol
  • global definitions
  • functions called by a function
  • functions calling a function
  • text string
  • regular expression pattern
  • a file
  • files including a file
  • 2.Curses based (text screen)

    3.An information database is generated for faster searches and later reference

    4.The fuzzy parser supports C, but is flexible enough to be useful for C++ and Java, and for use as a 5.generalized ‘grep database’ (use it to browse large text documents!)

    6.Has a command line mode for inclusion in scripts or as a backend to a GUI/frontend

    7.Runs on all flavors of Unix, plus most monopoly-controlled operating systems.

    也有中文的教學:Using Cscope with Vim — translated to Chinese (external link)





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