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A Karaoke was a familiar type of entertainment in Taiwan when I was young. In Taiwan a Karaoke and a popular MTV combine to a modified karaoke box is called a . Sometimes many of my friends like singing in the KTV. But recently I can’t afford it, it’s too expensive. And we play a competitive music video game series for the PlayStation consoles in our homes. And this is cheaper than singing in the KTV or Karaoke. Today I want to introduce another new amusing website is called uSing2 for your friends who love to sing.


You do not need any karaoke hosting software like Singstar long as you have a PC and microphone.

But today unfortunately, I can not register at the site in my company’s computer. So I will test it another day.

When I am at home, I can register the site and it is easy to fill out the form.


  a few minutes, You will receive an email containing membership activation instructions.Click the link and your account will be activated.Then login the site and you can upload the .


Ha Ha! Look the new members and the photo is so cute. Click the link of Sing! and you can sing songs. But I only see 5 songs and it is not interesting to sing. But I still test a song. I find the sound and video are smooth but the of the video is not good. The most important thing is no Chinese. It is so sad and I hope uSing2 will be good in the future. I think the function is good and we can support it.

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  1. Online karaoke有這個軟體喔.我都不知道.這樣真的很方便.可以網路上唱歌.那麼可以下載嗎…


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