Xbox Live

I see the twitter,”

hemang27shah: @josetapadas i will send you one if you can give me a Xbox Live Code

josetapadas:@hemang27shah hey! can you send me one? jose.tapadas (at) please!

hemang27shah: @josetapadas ill tell you what…i sent you an invite to up there and i will give u google wave..check ur email”.

I do not know the meaning.  So I surf Google wave and find the message. I have a Google account. Why can’t I sign in to Google Wave?,”Even though you have a Gmail or a Google account, you must be invited to Google Wave in order to sign in. If you haven’t been invited by a friend, you won’t be able to use the service at this time.”So if I give  hemang27shah a Xbox Live Code, I can play Google wave. Ha ha! This is a good deal for hemang27shah. But he can go to the’s site to buy the xbox live gold codes and be ready to use in under 30 minutes after his purchase. I think Xbox Live may be cooler than Google wave.  So I prefer to have a xbox live gold and I can enjoy the game.




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