Shopping for the Best Remote Backup Service

Last Friday I backed up Sophia’s Malaysian photos of two CDs to an external hard drive. Both my CD/DVD ROM s were not being able to read the CD. The data is really important to me because I need these photos to write my Fun Taiwan. This is true both from a personal and a professional standpoint, so why would you leave the backing up of this data to chance? Sure, you and I might think that we’ve taken the basic insurances by backing up our files to an external hard drive or even a NAS device of some kind, but is that truly good enough?

A better solution would be to back up those files off-site, making them available through a remote server. This way, should something happen to your home or office; you can be certain that your data is protected. However you have another question: which service do you use? Today’s review of Storage Guardian should help to address that concern.

What Is Storage Guardian?

Storage Guardian’s remote backup service is the culmination of a decade of intense research and software development. It responds to a growing awareness among many business leaders of business continuity concerns, which have spearheaded outsourcing trends, growing data volumes, and increasing data vulnerabilities generated in today’s economy. Storage Guardian is an innovative and cost-effective data backup and data storage solution as a superior alternative to tape-based data recovery systems.

Storage Guardian is a private company specializing in backing up critical data on a “pay-as-you-go” basis to a secure off-site location. The company is developing a select network of authorized VARs to service the off-site backup and fast data recovery needs of companies located throughout North America.

How Does Storage Guardian Make Money?

Those of you familiar with Internet marketing can probably already guess the answer. Storage Guardian does not provide any remote backup services itself, but it does link to “Become a VAR”. Become a value-added reseller, and they’ll help you sell and support a world-class remote data backup and recovery solution to a growing and lucrative market.

To help encourage you to know their service, you can sign up through their link “Free Trial”. Sign up at right for an immediate download link to their DS-Client software. You’ll be able to back up and restore your data to their secure cloud FREE for 30 days. No credit card required.

There are many customer testimonials to help us think this sounds like a valuable site for people shopping for some remote backup service.


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