October 7, 2010, Delmar, Delaware – Rocky Mountain Tracking experts track a stolen Freightliner Classic equipped with a GPS tracking device to a Baltimore, Maryland, location.

At 3:30 AM on October 6, a Freightliner Classic (valued at $70k) was stolen from Bob’s Garage in Delmar, Delaware. The truck, belonging to Rantz Trucking, had been equipped with a GPS tracking device previously purchased from Rocky Mountain Tracking. Around 8:00 AM on October 7, Rantz Trucking owner, KW Rantz, phoned Rocky Mountain Tracking to report the missing truck.

Using the Rocky Mountain Tracking’s unique tracking software, RMT specialist, Travis Torgerson, tracked the stolen truck to a location in Baltimore, Maryland. After notifying Rantz of the truck’s precise location, Rantz contacted authorities. Within moments, Delmar police were able to find the missing truck. The case (case number 0510052460) is currently under investigation by the Delmar police force.

Expensive big-rig trucks are ideal targets for thieves. These trucks are frequently stolen and re-sold for a bargain price, which is precisely what could have happened had Rantz not relied on GPS tracking technology. KW Rantz added GPS tracking devices to his fleet in order to protect his long-standing business – a decision that has now paid off.

For KW Rantz, Rocky Mountain Tracking’s software is not only a sound investment, but it’s also “great for keeping on top of freight movement including destination and arrival information.” Rantz also stated that the Rocky Mountain tracking team has been very “good to me” throughout this entire ordeal.

Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. is a top GPS tracking company based in Fort Collins,

Colorado. With more than 40,000 GPS tracking devices sold, Rocky Mountain Tracking has

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